ESG Review Spotlights BioTown Biogas in Q3 Cover Story: The RNG Industry’s Bleeding Edge

ESG Review showcased BioTown Biogas (BTB) for the magazine’s special Q3 cover story about RNG industry trends surrounding the energy transition. In partnership with Green Rock Energy
Partners and BioTown Ag, BTB has activated our cutting-edge digester and processing facility, with capacity to create an estimated 40 million kWh of renewable power per year.

Bioenergy Insight Profiles BioTown Biogas General Manager Chad Hoerr

Bioenergy Insight profiled BioTown Biogas (BTB) General Manager Chad Hoerr for the magazine’s May/June 2023 edition. The special coverage takes an up close and personal look at Hoerr’s leadership, discussing what drew him to the industry in the first place and what advice he would give to someone following in his footsteps.

BioTown BioGas hosts a Formal Commissioning Ceremony

Today, BioTown BioGas hosted a formal commissioning ceremony and activated the digester and processing facility. This new facility will become one of the largest producers of renewable natural gas in North America.