Transforming Waste

into Value.

Advancing Innovation

Negative Carbon Intensity

Carbon produced from methane is kept out of the environment by transforming it into renewable natural gas. This type of process provides a negative carbon intensity rating, meaning we remove more carbon than we produce.

Energy Production

While some types of renewable energy can be halted due to weather, our process remains unaffected. Transforming the waste produced by livestock into RNG is a practical and reliable source of renewable energy.

Converting Waste

The process of taking livestock waste and transforming it into a renewable resource means reimagining agriculture systems and practices. We see waste as an opportunity.

A Sustainable Model

Creating a system that effectively produces renewable natural gas and can be replicated is also part of our vision to transform agriculture's future.

Less Talk. More Action.

What matters most is what gets done. At BioTown Biogas, we never stop halfway in our pursuit to discover innovative ways of turning waste into value. Our aim is to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) through anaerobic digestion methods, making sustainable, close-loop agriculture a reality with a large-reaching impact.  

Cleanest Transportation
Fuel Available


100% Sustainable
Farming Operation

It all started when one Indiana farmer saw the potential in the waste coming from his operation. A few years later and he’s producing clean electricity from livestock and supplying renewable energy to a local electric utility company. 

Today, BioTown Biogas is exploring the future of renewable energy in the livestock industry. Learn more about what drives us forward as we explore the possibilities of renewable natural gas through anaerobic digestion.

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