Energy production in the Heartland.

 Our roots may run deep in Indiana farmland but our vision is fixed on the future, exploring how to produce profitable renewable natural gas.

Innovation with intention

Agriculture has always been about the future. Thinking about what is possible is what drove one Indiana farmer to start considering what opportunities could be found in the waste left behind from his livestock operation. With a little ingenuity and the help of anaerobic digestion technology, soon that waste was being transformed into profitable, renewable natural gas. 

Today BioTown Ag, in conjunction with Green Rock Energy Partners, continues to transform livestock waste into valuable RNG under the name BioTown Biogas. 


Our vision and purpose

Renewable Energy

Changing the status quo of energy production starts by pursuing innovative ways to take waste and turn it into something valuable.

Sustainable Agriculture

Farming and livestock operations can become part of the solution in creating renewable energy that powers the future.

Replicable Models

Establishing sustainable models of closed-loop agriculture ensures that renewable natural gas can become an energy leader regardless of location.

Careers with impact.

We are always on the lookout for skilled employees who share in our vision of using renewable natural gas as an energy source to power communities. Interested in how to become involved? Explore our career listings.


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