Maximixing Potential

We think outside the box, creating sustainable strategies within agriculture that produce carbon-neutral energy.

Renewable Natural Gas

Aggregated manure from local dairies is transformed through a process of anaerobic digestion to produce biogas. This biogas is then processed into methane through a series of pre-treatments that help to remove the hydrogen sulfide from the biogas stream. The gas is then further pressured and conditioned by entering a three-stage membrane filtration system that removes carbon dioxide (CO2), remaining moisture, and other trace contaminants. This process results in renewable natural gas (RNG) of pipeline quality. The RNG produced is injected into the local utilities interconnecting pipeline where it can be used to supply around 10,000 homes with clean natural gas. 

Renewable Electric Power

The RNG produced through the process of anaerobic digestion can also be used by specialized generators that turn the methane into green electricity. The electricity produced through this process is then made available on the grid for utility companies to distribute to their customers.


Producing renewable natural gas and electric power aren’t the only things we are pioneering at BioTown Biogas. We are also developing methods to capitalize on the discarded waste and byproducts produced in the process of transforming waste into RNG. Some of these byproducts include organic compost that is created by removing the fibers from the digestate.