Bioenergy Insight Profiles BioTown Biogas General Manager Chad Hoerr

Bioenergy Insight profiled BioTown Biogas (BTB) General Manager Chad Hoerr for the magazine’s May/June 2023 edition. The special coverage takes an up close and personal look at Hoerr’s leadership, discussing what drew him to the industry in the first place and what advice he would give to someone following in his footsteps. When asked about his proudest moment to date, Hoerr said: “The BioTown Biogas Commissioning Ceremony was a proud moment of collective accomplishment and success for our entire team. We hosted the event on site in March with Indiana’s  Lieutenant Governor, our partners Green Rock Energy Partners and BioTown Ag, and many members of the community. So many people had worked so hard to get to that day. I was very proud to see our facility brought to life!”

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